About Us

At Orion Event Solutions we offer specialised security services of the highest level. Our on-site teams are trained & certified by PSIRA & WHSE. We have vast experience operating in and around Cape Town as well various events reaching as far afield as Cape St Francis.

Orion Event Solutions is not only an experienced event security provider, we offer services such as safety officers, specialised security services (special events), event application & permitting management, event logistics & event security training, personal protection, CCTV camera surveillance, crowd management and control, venue and site management, community protection, access control, asset protection, security risk assessment, guarding solutions, marshalling and parking solutions, CCTV monitoring.

  •  Event security training: At Orion Event Solutions we pride ourselves in delivering event services of the highest quality, no matter how big or small the event. Each and every one of our valued staff members under-go a rigorous training program via PSIRA & WHSE Consultants. All of our staff members are trained and certified.
  • Personal protection: In this day and age it has sadly become a necessity in certain circumstances to utilize the services of personal protection. Orion Event Solutions is here to help, we offer specialized personal protection for individuals whether they are VIPs attending an event, artists or high profile staff members or guests we have you covered.
  • CCTV camera surveillance: We now have the upper hand in the surveillance sector of event production offering the services of CCTV monitoring in areas which are hard to access or monitor by foot, we are able to monitor and manage the areas with the click of a button for a far greater area of overall coverage and management day or night. Also includes permanent solutions to your home or business.
  • Access control: Orion Event Solutions offers secure access control for all scales of events. As the first port of call to any event we cover areas such as searching of vehicles and persons, identification of potential trouble makers or threats before they enter the event area, as well as securing the financial aspect or money handling at the front gate or front door to the event.
  • Asset protection: We do not only secure events we also offer the services of securing specific items of value on or off site.
  • Security risk assessment: Our specialist assess the specific criteria pertaining to your environment and event, taking into account external threats or risks