Orion Event Services

What we offer

Orion Event Solutions is a security service provider for events, ranging from large scale festivals to small intimate weddings.

01. Safety Officer

 The South African events scene has changed dramatically in the past decade, with more attention given to health and safety.
With this being said, it has become a requirement for events to appoint a safety officer to ensure that all health and safety requirements are met and adhered to. Orion Event Solutions can provide event organisers with WHSE trained, qualified & experienced safety officers for any event big or small. 


At Orion we now offer the services of event application & permitting tailored to your specific event and needs. We supply the following permitting solutions, event applications, liquor licenses, road closures, waste management plans, medical service referrals, structural & building submissions, signage submission etc.


Orion Event Solutions is a security service provider for events, ranging from large scale festivals to small intimate weddings.

Security services

  •  Event security training: At Orion Event Solutions we pride ourselves in delivering event services of the highest quality, no matter how big or small the event. Each and every one of our valued staff members under-go a rigorous training program via PSIRA & WHSE Consultants. All of our staff members are trained and certified.

  • Personal protection: In this day and age it has sadly become a necessity in certain circumstances to utilize the services of personal protection. Orion Event Solutions is here to help, we offer specialized personal protection for individuals whether they are VIPs attending an event, artists or high profile staff members or guests we have you covered.

  • CCTV camera surveillance: We now have the upper hand in the surveillance sector of event production offering the services of CCTV monitoring in areas which are hard to access or monitor by foot, we are able to monitor and manage the areas with the click of a button for a far greater area of overall coverage and management day or night. Also includes permanent solutions to your home or business.

  • Access control: Orion Event Solutions offers secure access control for all scales of events. As the first port of call to any event we cover areas such as searching of vehicles and persons, identification of potential trouble makers or threats before they enter the event area, as well as securing the financial aspect or money handling at the front gate or front door to the event.

  • Asset protection: We do not only secure events we also offer the services of securing specific items of value on or off site.

  • Security risk assessment: Our specialist assess the specific criteria pertaining to your environment and event, taking into account external threats or risks

More Services

  • Safety officers: At Orion Event Solutions we have trained certified (by WHSE Consultants) & experienced safety officers for any type of event.

  • Event application & permitting management: Our team at Orion Event Solutions offers the services of event applications & permitting. In this day and age it has become a necessity for any and all event organisers and companies alike who produce events in excess of 50 people to undergo the process of Event Application submission via the City of Cape Town. We know this process is time consuming and arduous so we have opened a unique sector to deal specifically with this aspect of event production.

  • Event logistics: Orion Event Solutions offers skilled event logistics as part of our over-all services. We are here to assist with the transport of goods & personnel to and from event sites.

  • Marshalling & parking solutions: Orion Event Solutions is capable and competent in the areas of parking & marshalling in the event area. We manage the can design the perfect layout for parking areas, monitor and manage traffic flow in and out of the event area, we secure the parked cars for the duration of the event with the use of foot patrols, CCTV, spot lights and visual deterrents eg: guards placed in specific and strategic areas.

  • Venue management & procurement: We can source and secure venues for potential events on behalf of the promoter or organiser. We also deal in venue management services such as bush clearing etc in the build up to an event.

  • Crowd management & control: We take into account all the elements of an event especially the type of event (circus, sporting, theatrical, concert, rally, parade, etc.), characteristics of the facility, size and demeanour of the crowd, methods of entrance, communications, crowd control, and queueing systems